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We're Still Alive...Barely

Just so everyone is clear on this, we are still alive. We're just going through a slow period right now.

And we lost three members, so =/.

If anyone knows how to clean scans, or would like to QC cleans, or knows how to typeset, we need some of those people now to help move things along faster. Just PM me if you're interested.
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Status Updates/ Public To-Do List

Figured this would be a lot more easier to manage than just making a bunch of different progress reports occasionally.

So, if you are wondering where exactly we are on every chapter of every project we're working on, go here to see our progress!

From now on, that is the list that will be updated when it comes to our scan status, so be sure to check back occasionally.
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Progress Report + Mini Announcement

I made a short progress report on the forums.

And I've been informed that apparently some people think that the delays in the Nabari chapters are Phones' (Saku's) fault. It's not. I thought I was being clear before, but evidently not if people are that dense. The delays are not her fault, so stop thinking it is. Yes, her computer is a POS and she is getting a replacement soon, but it's not like she controls any of that, so nothing is her fault.

Honestly -____-.
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Announcing Octave

Just a public post to let anyone who watches us know that we are currently scanning (and almost done with) Octave.

This is in preparation for Kamatani's new series, Shonen Note, which is based on that oneshot.

Currently it's cleaned and being translated right now.

And I just wanted to let everyone know that while our group may do different projects by different mangaka, our focus will be on anything Kamatani makes.

On another note, Nabari 66 and 67 are still coming. We're having more technical issues, but I promise the second they're all nice and done, they will be handed out here.
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Since very few people seem to look at the profile first, membership to the community is closed unless you are part of the team or interested in helping.

If you are interested in helping, we do not yet have an application system for here (we're working on it though). We do, however, have an application system set up on our forums *points to comm website*.

If you so desire, you can copypasta the app form from the forum and message it on here to any one of us, the editors: demonichate, badninja or mic_soldier

This comm is and always will be our base of operations, so all public entries on here are what is intended to be seen by anyone who is not already a member.

So, if you aren't a member already, are not interested in helping and just want to know when we release stuff, watch us instead. New members will be invited to the comm, so attempting to join won't do you much good.

Thank you for your time! 66-71 of Nabari coming soon(ish)! And Soul Eater 76 as well!

~ Kirvee
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Pat here, with a completely different username but the same ole' number.

For not quite curiousity's sake, let me ask this: the job/s you do or have done for the group, what do you prefer to have it done with? Even if you found a program after, that is cool, yes. But these things would like to be known.

Thank you!

I also cleaned up the tags some, please look and let me know if you think others are dysfunctional or need to be there.

Edit ++ Saku's addition If you translate, do you have any resources, or are you using eye and mind? If you use either type of dictionary (data or print), what are these? Basically: what do you think a translator should be handed as a pack?
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,Uh. Uh, Um. Should we stick with MSN, guys? F-for one thing, someone used Riose's first name and nick me into cybersex play check Then similiar events. Does helll happen to anyone else?

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